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Salpaus-Rogaining Xl
25.4.2020 Lahti region – Finland

All outdoor oriented people are welcome to participate in Salpaus-rogaining on 25th of April 2020. The competition is organized by the orienteering branches of two sport clubs of the area: Lahden Taimi and Lahden Kaleva. The competition is aimed at all orienteers, runners, hikers, nordic walkers, adventurers, companies, friends, families – everyone interested in spending time in the great outdoors!

Event Centre (Hash house)

The event centre is located in

Herrala School

Urheilukentäntie 2, 16500 Herrala

Competition Classes

Four competition classes, based on duration (h=hours):
12h Main class
6h Middle distance
3h Short distance

5h MTB

All competition results are published in these three competition classes. However the teams also compete in different categories based on the age and sex of the participants (these differ from official rules):

12MO Men Open
12WO Women Open
12XO Mixed Open

In 6h class, no age categories, only by sex:

6MO Men Open
6WO Women Open
6XO Mixed Open

In 3h class, only one open category

3HO 3h Open

Under 15 year old participants can only take part with an 18+ adult in the same team

5h MTB class which can be attended as one person or team.


A team consists of 2-5 members. All members of the team must stay within 30m radius of each other during the competition. This distance will be observed in the terrain. The sex and age distribution inside the team is not restricted.

Preliminary Timetable

10.00 Map handout 12h class
10.30 Map handout 3h , 6h and 5hMTB classes

11:50 start 5h MTB class
12.00 Start – all classes
15.00 3h Finish

16:50 5h MTB Finish
18.00 6h Finish
24.00 12h Finish
24.15 Finish line closed


Topographical map A2 with scale will be confirmed later and 5m interval.



All controls have been marked with standard white and orange orienteering flags. Punching is done by electronic EMIT-system. There will be a sample control at the event centre and guidance to the use of the EMIT-system will be available. All teams use their own EMIT-cards. If a card is not available, it can be rented from the organizers for the price of 3€. If the card is lost, the value of the card will be charged.


Registration is open. Please follow instructions given below.

Registration will be done via email to address:
In the email you need to share Team name, EMIT number (if lease-EMIT, write ”vuokra”), name and year of born of the team members , Class to join, Team Captain and his/her contact info (email address /phone number). Prefer if you use following info as copy, fill with your info and send it via email:

registration to Salpaus-rogaining event

Team name:
Team EMIT-number:
Team contact email:
Team phone number:
Class (12h/6h/3h, 5hMTB):
Captains name and year of born:
member 2 name, sex (M/F) and year of born:
member 3 name, sex (M/F) and year of born:
member 4 name, sex (M/F) and year of born:
member 5 name, sex (M/F) and year of born:

Note, Registration only valid after team has made payment

Entry Fees

Team captain must pay the fees for all team members at once, according to the following. (team fee is a sum of the fees of all team members):

Class Paid by 11.3. Paid by 1.4. Paid by 20.4

12 h/ 30 €-person /40 €- person/ 60€-person

6 h / 30 €-person /40 €- person/ 60€-person

3 h / 40 €-team / 50€-team / 60 €-team

5h MTB 30 €-person /40 €- person/ 60€-person

For Late entry payment team must be ready to show your payment confirmation to the competition organizer when registering yourself in the hash house before map handout

The fees should be paid to the organizers bank account:

Receiver: Lahden Kaleva/Taimi_Suunnistus

Account number: FI07 554271400558 55
Please add your team’s name in the message box

International payments:
IBAN FI07 554271400558 55

for international payment, Bank address

Pohjola BankPLC


00013 Pohjola


Camping, Food & Facilities

All services during the competition and one hour after the finish of the event are included in the fee. There is a camping possibility at the event center. Possibility for indoor sleeping facilities will be confirmed later. There are separate toilet for men and women which are open from Saturday 25.4 between 8 – Sun 26.4 until 03am. NOTE: showers for men and women are inside hash house.

Catering in the Hash House will be open from Sat 12am until Class 12h winners have received their prizes. Available: Soup, juice, bread, Coffee . There will be few water posts along the course.

Prizes for winners

Prizes are not given to all categories, only main Classes: 5hMTB, 12h, 6h, 3h three best teams will get a prize.


Additional information

Details will be added on the webpage during the spring. Detailed competition instructions will be published just before the competition. You may also contact the organizers.

Event email:

Event Manager: Kimmo Köppä

Course chiefs: Kimmo Köppä /Marko Ollikainen

Communications and publishing: Kimmo Köppä


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