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Salpaus-Rogaining 2022

Updated 18.4.2022    17:17

This bulletin includes information, instructions and regulations for the competitors. This information is as accurate as possible, but details can still be updated at a later stage by the organizers if needed. International Rogaining Federations rules will be followed in general, with some exceptions mentioned in this document.

Hash House (Competition Centre)

The Hash House is located at Herrala School.

herralan koulun kartta

Please note that you should always remove your shoes (especially spiked ones!) when entering / moving inside the hash house.


Parking will be at the sport field next to the school.


There is no possibility to camp on the competition center.


The teams shall register at competition center once they arrive in the morning. In the registration the entry fees will be checked, and teams will receive the competition material. This will include last minute information, map collection ticket, possible rental emit cards etc.
Written Control descriptions are visible in competition center.

Teams are responsible for all material given to them. There’s a 68€ fee if a rental EMIT-card is lost.


Saturday 23.4.2022

8.00 -24.00 Office open

8.00 – 9.30 Registration ( will continue after map distribution, until 11:30)

10.00 – 10.30 Map distribution

11:40 Teams start to gather at the start area and clear their emit cards.

11:50  5hMTB Start

12.00 Start for foot classes (  classes: 12h, 6h, 3h  )

15.15 Finish closes for 3 h event
~15.30 Prize giving for 3 h event (when results are ready) – 15 minutes protesting period

17.05 finish closes for 5hMTB event.

~17.20 Prize giving for 5hMTB h event (when results are ready) – 15 minutes protesting period

18.15 Finish closes for 6 h event

~18.30 Prize giving for 6 h event (when results are ready) – 15 minutes protesting period

Sunday 24.4.2022

00.00-02.30 Office open

00.15 Finish closes for 12 h event

~00.30 Prize giving ceremony for 12h (when results are ready) – 15 minutes protesting period

02:30 Event centre closes


The map is a topographic map in scale 1:25 000 and has contour intervals of 5 metres.

The map is printed on A2 paper. Teams receive one map per team member with a A2 plastic cover. The cover is open at one end, so the teams should prepare with a clear tape to close it.

Some newer paths and roads are not marked on the map.  Stones etc. minor details are generally not marked in the map, even if clearly visible in the terrain. On the other hand, all roads or trails that are on the map are not necessarily visible in the terrain. Also the marking of open bedrock, open cuts etc. can be (and often is) outdated. Closer to control point open cuts are updated. In general the appearance of the map corresponds well with the scale. Keep the scale in mind when considering crossing over ditches or swamps.

Restricted areas include private yards and fields. Crossing these areas means disqualification.


To prevent disturbing local people and to allow us organizing competitions in the future, competitors shall not enter into any private yards or fields. These have not been marked as restricted area–but, all fields must be considered forbidden. This goes also for houses and yards which are not shown on the map. Crossing  fields will mean disqualification. It is allowed to use fields border ditch on the forest side.

Map area is divided to 3 sections by heavily used railway. To keep everyone safe,  crossing the railway is allowed only through tunnels or bridges!! All allowed points are presented in the map. Larger sample map visible at INFO. See a small sample of the crossings below.

junanradan sallittu kohta

Map is also divided by river. Normally about 5-10m width, but spring floods  cause higher water levels and this cause too wide areas for crossing.

One point to cross the river is at the small bridge and other in the bottom corner of the map, normal road bridge.

Silta 20220416_103853

At top part of the map there was another crossing  by boat.. Flood  has caused high water levels so must remove this crossing point.


joen ylityspaikka veneellä

Course and Terrain

There are  39 controls in the area. Teams may visit the controls in any order they like. More terrain data with photos and map samples will be provided on the event website.



The controls are marked with an orange-white flag and a small reflector (some controls marked with reflecting orange-white flags). There is also an EMIT-unit at each control. There is a model control at start area.

The controls are numbered from 31 to 104. The first digits indicate “tens of points”: e.g. control 34 gives 30 points, 57 gives 50 points, 104 gives 100 points etc. Note that an emit card with a display may show different number than what is at the control. The corresponding emit numbers will be published at the event center and web page after the competition.

Control descriptions will be printed at the edge of the map. There are two water points marked into map: one close to a pond at a yard, one next to a railroad at a short road. Third water point is at control 53 and shown in the control descriptions.


EMIT timing system is used in the competition. Emit card(s) must be cleared before start. Team must punch card at each of the controls they wish to gain points. Teams are allowed to carry a spare emit with them. They are also allowed to punch this spare card also at every control. Only if the first one with the registered emit number is lost or malfunctions, the spare one can be presented to the organizers. In every case the results are always based on the score from one and only one card.

Teams are responsible for clearing the Emit-card at start area before the start. If the card is not cleared, the team will not have a result. There’s a clearing point at the entrance to the start area.

At the finish teams must punch at the finish control immediately (your finishing time is the time of this last punch) and then proceed to result service for reading  the emit-card.

Visiting controls

All team members must stay within 20 meters from each other during the whole race. This is monitored during the event in the terrain. Competitors are not allowed to rest within 100 meters from controls unless the control is a water point. Competitors are not allowed to spoil or damage controls, refreshment controls or any other structures built by organizer.

MTB class competitors do not need to carry bike all the way to the controls, but can leave bike side of the road/trail close to the control point. There are controls suitable specially for MTB.

Everyone can select what control they like to collect.

Water points

There water containers on 3 water points that the teams can use to fill up their own water containers. Competitors are not allowed to spoil, use excessively or use the water for washing at refreshment controls. The taps must not be left running. If any problems with water points, call +358 50 3801511

Start and finish

Start and finish are both located at the competition center just outside the hash house. All teams have to be inside the start area ten minutes before the start.

For missing the finish time line, a team gains 10 penalty points for each starting minute. Teams finishing more than 15 minutes late will be disqualified and end with zero points.


Obligatory equipment

For their own safety each team must carry a mobile phone in a waterproof container and a first aid kit. The kit must include at least: emergency blanket, first aid gauze (pack or two rolls), plaster and sports tape. Each competitor must have a whistle, a water container, some food and a cap, spare undershirt and a windproof jacket. This kit need to be with competitor during the whole competition. Due to cold spring weather, also MTB need to wear warm clothes.

Competition numbers

Each team will get one number that needs to be visible during competition. Own safety pins needed.

GPS  tracking equipments, loggers

During the competition each team is allowed to have GPS equipment which track the route, but NOT visually help the navigation.

Meals during the competition

During the competition competitors can eat and drink for free at the hash house after start. There will be juice and water served, the food will include at least meat and veggie soup and bread + small snacks etc. Meal served inside.

Competitors are advised to bring with them both to the terrain and to the hash house sports drinks and nutrition to be used during these kind of events.

First aid

Each team must have a first aid kid mentioned under obligatory equipment . At the competition office there will be first aid equipment for sudden injuries.

In the case of emergency

If your team faces am emergency during the competition, you must notify the organizers of the event immediately for further assistance or evacuation from the course, if it is needed. If the emergency is life threatening, you must call 112, the european emergency number.

Recommend to load 112suomi application for the smartphone that you bring with you during competition.

If it is a smaller injury and you only need evacuation back to the hash house, please call the organizers at +358 50 3801511. This number will be monitored during the whole competition. Please register this number on the mobile phone that you carry with you during the race. Number visible on the map.

The competitors have not been insured by the organizers, please make sure your own insurance covers regaining/orienteering competitions.

You may call the same number +358 50 3801511 also if a checkpoint has been vandalized, there is no water at a water point or you come across another technical problem along the course.


There are toilets at the competition center.


There are basic washing possibilities after the race. Showers inside hash house, note that shoes are not permitted inside.

Bike wash

Next to school there is hose for bike washing. Notice the parking area driveway must be kept open when washing bikes.

Meal after competition

There will be soup served for at least one hour after the competition is over. After that no food is served in the hash house.

Prize giving ceremony

Prizes will be awarded according to the timetable competition center area.  In the main classes (12h, 6h, 5hMTB and 3h) the three best teams will be awarded. To receive a prize you have to be present in person to collect the prize – prizes will not be delivered afterwards.

Welcome to Salpaus-rogaining, the 120th year of Lahden Taimi celebration competition!

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